Fully Galvanized
Stainless Steel Bolts
Will Never RUST
Extra Strong
New Zealand Made
Easily Transportable
3 year Warranty on all Steel products
Parts are all interchangeable - just like lego!
Built in Sprinklers option for Summer Fun
Wicked Water Slides!

Jungle Gym Products

We now have four Base units:

  • The Supergym
  • Supergym Deluxe
  • Supergym Deluxe with Horizontal Bar Ends – 1 or 2
  • Supergym with Horizontal Bar End

All of our jungle gym products are made of strong steel, manufactured and then galvanized giving superior rust protection.

Any of our Jungle Gyms can be increased in size as the children grow, by adding Extenders – these increase the height and length by .3 metre and the width by .6 metre and are easily added at any stage.

Depending on how much space you have available, the base units can have many different options added to them:

Swing Bays at a standard height of 1.8 metres or a split level unit, with a Split-Level Extender taking the Swing Bay up to 2.1 metres high

Pipe Slides

Side Bar Water Feature

Other additions include our adjustable Trapeze Bar and Ring Set, Side Chain Ladder or Strap Style Swing – available in Red, Blue, Yellow or Green

If there is nothing in our current range to suit your requirements, please feel free to send through a drawing with some measurements (it doesn’t have to be perfect!), and chances are that Ed will be able to make it for you.

We offer a New Zealand 3 year warranty on all of our steel products.

We do Laybys on all our products!

Base Units
Supergym Deluxe with 1 or 2 Horizontal Bar Ends
Introducing our latest Supergym Deluxe, with 1 Horizontal Bar End. This Gym has the best of both worlds.  For strength and rigidity, you cannot b[more]
Supergym with Horizontal Bar End
The Supergym with Horizontal Bar End is the latest Supergym to our range and provides all of the swinging benefits of the Supergym, with the addition[more]
Super Gym
Here is a classic style jungle gym designed for hours of swinging and climbing fun. A super cool "A" frame with a ladder at one end, and an open e[more]
Supergym Deluxe
The Supergym Deluxe, on one side is the same as our 'A' Frame Supergym, but also has an awesome galvanized chain climbing net and chain ladder on the [more]

"Building unique play environments to meet your space requirements"

Base Unit Add-Ons
5 Rung Side Chain Net
This awesome 5 Rung Side Chain Net is another great idea from one of our fantastic customers. [more]
Side Chain Ladder
This fun 3 rung side Chain Ladder is easily added to any of our Junglegyms - Standard size or Extend[more]
Netball Hoop Add-On
Thanks to the request to make a Netball Hoop from one of our awesome customers, we are happy to in[more]
Split-Level Supergyms
  Thanks to a great idea from one of our customers, who had many grandchildren he wanted to [more]
Extender Kits
As the children grow older and bigger, the units can be increased in size by adding an Extender Kit [more]
Strap Style Swing
This comfortable Swing is hard-wearing, UV resistant and fits any size bottom and comes in Blue, Gr[more]
Swing Bay
Adding a Swing Bay (added to a Supergym Deluxe with a Pipe Slide below) to your Supergym or Supergy[more]
Side Bar Water Feature
An additional feature that you can add to any of our Supergyms, these two jets in the Side Bar creat[more]
Pipe Slide
Adding a Pipe Slide to your Jungletoyz Unit is a great affordable way to get the fun and excitement[more]
Trapeze Bar and Ring Set
The adjustable Trapeze Bar and Ring Set is a fantastic addition to any of the Supergyms (shown below[more]
Other Products
Extender Kits
As the children grow older and bigger, the units can be increased in size by adding an Extender Kit [more]
Free-Standing Rugby Posts
These Free-standing Rugby Goal Posts will keep your Rugby Players busy for hours of goal-kicking and[more]
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pegs
Our Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pegs are included in the Extenders Kits (which increase the size of t[more]
Supergym Combinations
Here are some different combinations of Jungletoyz Products and their Extended versions - all of our[more]
We can help to customize your own designs because we have an engineering background.
Proudly made in New Zealand
by E & C Jones Engineering
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> Breaks down completely for economical transport and storage.
> Super Simple assembly and comes with easy to follow instructions.
> Transported easily to you.
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