Fully Galvanized
Stainless Steel Bolts
Will Never RUST
Extra Strong
New Zealand Made
Easily Transportable
3 year Warranty on all Steel products
Parts are all interchangeable - just like lego!
Built in Sprinklers option for Summer Fun
Wicked Water Slides!


We value your custom and welcome you to share with others, your experience with us and our range of Jungletoyz products!

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19 Responses to Feedback

  1. Thoroughly recommend. We bought one of these over a year ago and the kids play on it for hours every day. It is a strong, sturdy gym and has helped both their upper body strength and their coordination.

  2. I have watched the development of this play equipment and the way not only my grandchildren, but also their friends, continue to gain confidence in climbing, swinging along the horizontal ladder, using the water slide and more recently, using the goal posts to improve their kicking and goal shooting. I also like the ease it which it can be assembled or unassembled and have parts added to it, while retaining its strength, even when adults use it.

  3. We bought our daughters a Supergym for Christmas – they LOVE it! It gets used constantly and is also a real hit when friends come over (both boys and girls). Our 3 year old has almost mastered the length of the monkey bars, which is just fantastic and really helps with her confidence at kindy and gymnastics. Our 5 year old is a true monkey and loves swinging, climbing and twirling in every which direction! We would highly recommend Jungletoyz for their excellent service, friendliness and the fantastic quality of their equipment. Thanks a million!

  4. We bought one of these for Christmas and it is just fantastic. The kids are never off it and all their friends think it is brilliant. It is so well made and sturdy that even dad gets on and monkeys around with the kids. It was easy to assemble (always important on Christmas Eve) and Jungletoyz were lovely to deal with. We would highly recommend them. Thanks for producing such a great product.

  5. The rugby posts for our future Crusader are great! He is always outside practising. A great sturdy product. Thanks heaps guys – we are rapt! We appreciate your time and efforts! Look forward to your next invention!!

  6. We love our Supergym! Cate was very patient while I researched jungle gyms all over NZ and asked her a million questions, and then decided the best option was Jungle Toyz and their fabulous Supergym. It is fantastically easy and quick to assemble and the kids absolutely love it and play on it for hours every day.

  7. Our super gym is fantastic – thanks Ed & Cate for your friendly help & great service. It was so easy to assemble & our kids just love swinging around on it. We are looking forward to extending our unit next Christmas.

  8. Thanks Jungletoyz, our kids just love our supergym deluxe with the added water slide. They are having hours of fun most days, either swinging around or using the slide. The water attachment & safety mats for the slide are fantastic – so much fun. Thanks Cate for all your help.

  9. Our Supergym has only just arrived, but what a hit! The girls were on it in the rain!! And absolutely wonderful customer service – so helpful, so quick, so friendly! Why can’t every company be like this? Thanks so much guys for a fantastic product and great buying experience. Time to get saving for all the “additional extras” in future years ……

  10. Faultless service with delivery on Christmas Eve 10 pm, followed by excellent back up. Great to see a company that matches its fantastic product with suburb communication and our kids are over the moon. Regards the Kelly Family

  11. Our boys are loving the super gym deluxe with swing bay and parallel bar slide. Friendly and useful communication pre and post sale, and a fantastic product. Trouble free and prompt delivery to North Island. Nice sturdy gym that will give us many years of fun. Thanks!

  12. Fantastic service, super gym and accessories arrived today and the grandkids are loving it. Just couldn’t wait until Christmas to put it up! Thank you so much Cate and your team for the wonderful product and service.

  13. Thanks Cate and team for the great communication and prompt delivery to us here in Sydney, Australia.  We ordered the supergym with horizontal bar end, swing and trapeze.  It is a great quality product and easy to assemble (my husband assembled it without instructions).  The kids have voted it 'best present ever'.

  14. I have been meaning to email you the last couple of months to tell you that the kids have really been enjoying the Supergym Deluxe. My husband first unpacked it and commented that he didn’t think it looked very strong. By halfway through construction, the amazing design, how easily it fit together, how the screws were sunken in so kids hands wouldn’t get caught on them, how strong and durable it was….  He couldn’t stop raving about how well designed it is. It is a great size to have all 3 kids and their friends climbing on it at the same time, and there are numerous ways they have found to challenge themselves to try new things on it. Thanks for your great product.  It really is worth spending a bit extra money to get something hardwearing and excellent. 


  15. Thank you so much for a wonderful service.  I would recommend you guys to anyone.  My kids are having so much fun on our Supergym, especially our daughter who is our wee gymnast.



  16. Wow, we chose to buy local and received the best service we've had in years. Emailed an enquiry at 10 pm Thursday night and it was delivered and assembled by 8 pm Friday night after a test installation at the workshop. Friendly, super fast, and real service. Thanks Cate and Ed. Our boy loves the Supergym with Horizontal Bar End, with the swing and rings both massive hits. And the price of a new gym compared favourably to second hand on trade me, with the new one being able to be sold on. Very happy at our house! 

  17. Fantastic product and lovely owners to deal with. A real hit with my daughters and their friends. Strong and sturdy, great height and so many ways to play; we have the super gym deluxe with horizontal bars and I know we will have it for years. Thanks so much for helping to ensure it arrived in time for her birthday. We can’t wait to add a water slide next year!
    Thanks so much

  18. We’ve had our Supergym for about a year now and our kids love it. Ordering, shipping to our door (up a big set of steps), and assembly all went very smoothly. The jungle gym is very sturdy and seems very durable. We have two young girls – our 22 month old loves swinging on the swing we have attached and climbing the ladder, while our 5 year old loves hanging off our trapeze bar, climbing the chain ladder, and generally clambering all over it. It’s been great for their co-ordination, strength, and confidence, and is a good way for them to spend some time outdoors too. Many thanks for the great product!

  19. Hello Cate, thankyou so much for the wonderful service. The super gym with horizontal bar we ordered from you was despatched from your factory in christchurch on Monday,arrived the next day in winton, one very excited little girl.

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