Fully Galvanized
Stainless Steel Bolts
Will Never RUST
Extra Strong
New Zealand Made
Easily Transportable
3 year Warranty on all Steel products
Parts are all interchangeable - just like lego!
Built in Sprinklers option for Summer Fun
Wicked Water Slides!

About Us

The Jungletoyz idea was born soon after our own children started moving.

We wanted to get our children away from the Television set and outside keeping fit. We wanted to include climbing and swinging to help develop both the left and right sides of their brains.

We recognized needs for improving and developing co-ordination and strength in our own children – and also a healthy way of venting the excess energy that children often have!

Our products are manufactured in Christchurch using quality materials sourced from local businesses. We manufacture, then hot-dip galvanize our equipment to ensure superior rust protection, and use stainless steel countersunk bolts for optimum safety. Our products are kitset and pack up small enough to fit easily through our small garden gate.

There are many add-ons in our range, to extend the play equipment, make it more challenging, or increase the size as the children grow. The beauty of the system being modular and interchangeable, is that it can be added to at any stage or the ‘set up’ can be easily changed to vary the children’s play activities.

Our range is constantly growing and evolving as ideas pop into Ed’s head, and our children’s capabilities and interests grow.

We are able to design and customize any equipment to suit your needs and space requirements, and often end up with great additions to our range as a result of fantastic ideas our customers come up with!

If you are looking for strong, quality, long-lasting, maintenance-free play equipment, WE ARE THE PEOPLE TO SEE.

We deliver and assemble our Jungle Gyms for free in the Christchurch area, and can freight our play equipment, complete with easy-to-follow assembling instructions, ANYWHERE.


girls climbing ladder
boy swinging on junglegym
We can help to customize your own designs because we have an engineering background.
Proudly made in New Zealand
by E & C Jones Engineering
Contact us for Ordering and Shipping Information
> Breaks down completely for economical transport and storage.
> Super Simple assembly and comes with easy to follow instructions.
> Transported easily to you.
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Mobile: 021 770 820



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